Paul Bernstein Artist Catalog
"What holds tension in time, space, and imagination?"

Another collaboration with Prof. Paul Bernstein, this time in an effort to portray his career in a compelling manner to a University tenure committee during his application process. Typically presented as a wall of text in impossibly long, accolade filled binders, Paul wanted to include a curated supplement to his tenure package. With this, he hoped to provide the committee with an engaging book that could be easily scanned and offer an additional chance to experience his work beyond the lines of a CV.

The book needed to appeal to the formality of the intended academic audience while conveying a sense of Paul's personality and conceptual approach to his work. With that in mind, the book was structured with a flexible grid to accommodate both photo and text heavy spreads, the subtle use of multiple paper stocks to delineate the pagination, and an extended, die-cut rear cover flap to hold a DVD containing performance footage referenced within the text.

Designed with Chris Mortlock at gdloft

note: Chris and I are happy to say that Paul was later granted tenure by the board.